Sunday, 23 January 2022

Adepta Sororitas - Morvenn Vahl

Oh boy! How much I hate to paint these finely detailed plastic miniatures. I felt the same as I painted the Triumph of St. Katherine or the Geminae Superia. I'd rather paint pewter miniatures. Mostly, because they are not so fragile.

Well, here is the finished Morvenn Vahl and in the future of my Sororitas project, there will be only dozens of pewter sisters and tanks!



  1. A great outcome nonetheless! But I agree, while these modern plastics are very beautiful and detailed models, they are also quite the hassle to paint up.

  2. Glad you did finish Vahl! The mood on the model is great and the colour scheme really does work well.
    How do you manage that even bright colours look so dark?

    1. Because I use desaturated colours, I suppose.