Sunday 5 February 2023

Iron Hands: Scouts, Scouts, Scouts

Here are five Space Marine Scouts from my pile of shame. Three of them are classic Citadel miniatures and two were build from Land Speeder Storm passengers.


Then, I painted four more Scouts and a lonely Heavy Bolter Devastator Space Marine. For what do I need so many Scouts? I want to play some 2nd edition games with my son. Back thaen Scouts were a solid and cheap army option, I think.


Friday 3 February 2023

Iron Hands: Terminators

I am still working on my pile of shame. Next up are my Iron Hands and this means more classic pewter miniatures. Here are a bunch of old Space Marine Terminators. I put them on slightly higher bases, so they don't look too small.

Wednesday 1 February 2023

[Tallarn Desert Raider] More Tallarn Infantry

I did it! I painted the last Tallarn miniature from my pile of shame.

With it and thirteen other miniatures painted, this army project comes to an end.

(Okay, I will paint one last big model for the army, but that's it.)