Saturday 13 July 2019

Blitz Bowl: Building a Stadium / Pitch - Finished! (Part III)

This is my final version of a 3D Blitz Bowl pitch. It is based on the original gaming board and the game itself a simpler version of good old Blood Bowl. I gave posters, banners and floor writing a try, but it didn't work out and therefore I kept the pitch simple.

Here are two possible versions of the pitch with two trap doors. The pillars are also moveable, so the games shouldn't get boring too fast. In any case, I am thrilled for the first games.

And now it is time to zoom in and give it a better look...

Blitz Bowl: Building a Stadium / Pitch - Part II

After the initial preparations of Part One everything was ready to be glued together and to get a black primer on it. For more details, I also bought some barrels, chests and also made two ladders from toothpicks and wooden sticks.

Looks good so far...