Sunday 30 April 2023

Man Cave!

After many years of waiting and having no hobby room, I eventually moved and built a man cave. It is in the basement with a small window only, but who needs daylight, right?

I have enough space to display and store my miniatures, a dedicated place to paint, a cosy couch and so on. To be able to play games, I built a moveable gaming table. I am looking forward to the first games with my friends.



Monday 10 April 2023

[Tallarn Desert Raider] FW Heavy Bolter Turret Emplacement

I moved and had little time for the hobby. 
But now, the new mancave is slowly taking shape and I find more time to build and paint some miniatures. The first painted piece is a Forgeworld Heavy Bolter Turret Emplacement for my Tallarn army: