Sunday 21 November 2021

[Retro] Space Ork Kill Team Board Mek Shop - Finished

Overall, it was a lot of fun to build and paint the Mek Shop. I gained a lot of experience working with all those unfamiliar materials and the next piece will hopefully be even better. 😋

A typical scene in a Kill Team game on the upcoming gaming board could look like this later (Sisters of Battle vs. Retro-Nids):

Saturday 20 November 2021

[Retro] Space Ork Kill Team Board Mek Shop - WIP

Next up is a Mek Shop. I had a rough idea in my head and started to cut the outer walls out of architectural cardboard / foam cardboard. After that, I glued everything together using PVA glue. I used corrugated cardboard for the windows/doors and ice cream sticks for the roof.


Then, I glued the building on a pvc panel. The nice thing about PVC sheets is that they don't bend unlike cardboard, wood or architectural cardboard.

This time I wasn't stingy and bought the Mechanicus crane for the lower roof top. I orkified it very slightly and filled it with sand so that it wouldn't tip over. 

I put some junk on the higher roof and covered it with a simple paper handkerchief, which I cut to size and then soaked with a thin PVA glue solution. After hardening you can paint it wonderfully and it looks pretty "realistic".

As the final steps before painting I covered the outer walls with a thin filler mixture and after it dried I covered everything with a thin PVA glue solution. This keeps everything nicely in place.

Sunday 7 November 2021

[Retro] Space Ork Kill Team Gaming Table

This little project may be a little too late for ORKtober, but it is not too late for NORKvember. 

As soon as the Octarius Kill Team Box was released a few weeks ago, I was hooked and bought one. The new box already contains Ork terrain and a Gaming board. Nevertheless, the idea for a slightly different orkish gaming table came to me relatively quickly. 

Anyone who knows me knows that I am particularly attached to the things from the 2nd edition of Warhammer 40.000. I just like the weird, comic-like greenskins better than much of what came after and a picture says more than a thousand words: 

So I'll try to make a small Ork settlement in the classic style and document my steps here. I'll build a total of four buildings, barricades, vegetation and a looted tank. I try my best to do everything in the original 2nd edition style. 
However, I won't do it without the new terrain sprues completely, as the oil pump, for example, is pretty cool. Last weekend I did a major purchase in a craft store and did a first test build. I learned a lot in the process, which I can use for the next buildings... 
With some paint on, it looks like this and I am quite happy how it turned out: