Saturday 25 April 2020

Iron Hands: "Edward Scissorhands"

Here comes the second Leviathan Dreadnought for my Iron Hands army. Having finished this model, I built and primed other stuff, like more Terminators, Scouts and even a Xiphon Pattern Interceptor...


Sunday 19 April 2020

Iron Hands: Space Marine Heroes Series 2 - Terminators

I bought a whole box of Space Marine Heroes directly as I was on holidays in Japan last year. The box was dirty cheap and so I couldn't resist. The Terminators have nice poses and there are more to come.

 These are the first models from my pile of shame, which got some paint eventually.

Monday 13 April 2020

My Pile of Shame and a Promise

Like every true hobbyist, I have somehow build up a pile of shame over time.

About ten years ago I had a simple policy: I am only allowed to buy new miniatures if all other miniatures are painted. At that time this was easy to achieve. I was a student with much free time, but little monetary resources. Today it seems to be the opposite. 

Further down you can find pictures of most of my unfinished projects. Besides that, there are some more single miniatures and unfinished terrain building ideas. How could this happen? This is unsettling and intimidating at the same time.

Therefore, I hereby promise to paint at least 75 miniatures from my pile of shame before buying new ones!

I will keep track of my progress by counting upwards to 75 in future blog entries. Things not shown in the pictures below will not count towards my goal. Except for two Forgeworld Flyers I have just bought a few days ago before I came up with the promise. I might also sell some bits of my pile of shame, but of course, this does not count towards the promise of painting 75 miniatures.

I look forward to painting my Tallarn Rough Riders and my Iron Hands again.

My latest purchases: the new starter box, two Knights Porphyrion, a Warlord Titan and three Questoris Knights.

Two unfinished Teams for Blitz Bowl - Nurgle and Dwarfs.

Reinforcement for my beloved Tallarn Rough Riders. Still, I haven't touched them for at least two years.

Iron Hands and Deathwatch Marines.

Enough stuff for a small Genestealer Cult army or at least a very nice kill team.

An old-school Adepta Sororitas army with around 50 - 60 Sisters of Battle and tanks. 

A box with single miniatures and other stuff.

Sunday 12 April 2020

40k "Combat Arena": Finished!

It's nice to have a project finished and "Combat Arena" is no exception. Because of the coronavirus, an actual gaming event with my friends has to wait, unfortunately. I hope GW supports this and other board games in the future. Rules for a new combatant in the White Dwarf magazine would be nice.
Games like this are a good way to introduce new players to the 40k-universe, in the same way, it happened with me and the game "Star Crusade" back in the '90s.

Such little projects are nice to try out something different and learn new stuff. I learned how to work with oil washes for example. I was asked if there is a lid for the box. Yet, there is none because I have the gaming board on display in my glass cabinet.

This is an impression of how a three players game might look like.

All five combatants for the game.

Saturday 11 April 2020

Sunday 5 April 2020

40k "Combat Arena": Gotfret de Montbard & Arcadia Madellan

Here are the next two combatants for my "Combat Arena" gaming board - Gotfret de Montbard and Arcadia Madellan. Both miniatures were no fun to paint, to be honest. Therefore, I kept everything pretty simple. Now I am looking forward to the last two characters and the first game with my friends!

Wednesday 1 April 2020

Imperial Navy - Aeronautica Imperialis: Vendetta

I bought an assembled but unpainted self-built Vendetta on eBay. I changed only one or two things and started painting. For the first time, I used oil washes on a model and it worked pretty well. I choose this grey-yellow colour scheme because my Avenger Strike Fighter has the same. Right now there exists no background to this squadron, but I will see to that at some point in the future.

Here is a picture of the model before I applied the oil washes. At this point the cockpit windshields were still transparent. But after I glued them on, they became foggy due to the fumes of the glue and I decided to paint them by hand.