Sunday 25 December 2016

Iron Hands: Death from above

This Deathstorm Drop Pod is my latest eBay bargain. Until it was delivered I was very happy. As soon as I unpacked that thing I was pretty disappointed, because the foot of the Whirlwind Missile Launchers was heavily warped. But I accepted the challenge and moulded myself a new one, using Milliput and Oyumaru. 

Nevertheless, here is the finished Drop Pod and  I hope this thing keeps its promises. :D

How could this even pass the internal quality inspection at Forgeworld?

Thursday 15 December 2016

Deathwatch-Killteam as Sternguard?!

Some weeks ago I indulged in a Deathwatch-Killteam box. I love this new kit but honestly, I do not plan to play the Deathwatch as intended. Instead, I am going to use this Deathwatch Squad as Sternguard for my Iron Hands. 

To tribute my gamer friends and their Space Marines, every Marine in my Team will originate from their chapters respectively.

Blood Angels - *Records lost* - Salamanders - Space Wolves - Dark Angels - Crimson Fists

The first Marine is already finished and pays tribute to Clyde_Frosch and his Dark Angels:

Monday 12 December 2016

Tallarn Tank Battle

Everybody loves tank battles! So we created our own scenario and gave it a try.

The Rules

Both players may only take (real) tanks, walkers and Imperial Knights in an unbound list (2000+ points per side). Every vehicle counts as scoring.

Split the table into halves and place three markers along the center line of the battlefield, each 24" apart.

Roll-off to decide who gets to pick his side and deploys his army first. Then roll again to see wo gets the first turn. The winner my choose to go first or second.

You can place your tanks anywhere on your side of the table, as long as they are more than 12" away from the center line.

The game lasts 6 turns.

At the end of the game each captured marker is worth three victory points.

If a vehicle is completely destroyed then it is fully repaired and placed into reserve. To reenact the progress of battle and cut off supply lines, roll a dice for each of your vehicles in reserve and see if it enters the battle again:

Turn 2 = automatically, Turn 3 = 2+, Turn 4 = 3+, Turn 5 = 4+, Turn 6 = 5+ 

No infantry, cavalry and such is allowed in the scenario! 


All in all it was cool to use so many tanks in one battle and we were able to get through all six turn in just about three hours. However, I do not necessarily have to play this scenario again. Why? Well, I missed the really exciting moments and "real" heroes.Except for the Knight, my army really disappointed me. The Vanquishers for example, where not able to hit once with their main guns the whole game! Later on I have had trouble with my reserves and so the Dark Angels won home with 23 to 16 victory points.Their Leviathan Dreadnought was unquestionably the MVP of this match, because he effortlessly crushed my Baneblade and the Knight  in close combat...

Saturday 19 November 2016

Tallarn Destroyer Tank Hunter #3 & Vanquisher #2

During the last few days, I painted my third Destroyer Tank Hunter and my second Leman Russ Vanquisher.

All in all, I have quite an anti-tank force ready for battle now. A few months ago, I couldn’t even image to own so many tanks, especially not three Destroyer Tank Hunters.

But it‘s common knowledge, that you cannot have enough tanks. Especially if you are an Astra Militarum Player. Right?


If all goes well, I’ll be able to field my new purchases in an big tank battle in two weeks. Clyde_Frosch and I designed our very own mission for that occasion. The mission details will follow shortly.

Next up are my Deathwatch Marines or some Sisters of Battle…

Tuesday 1 November 2016

Iron Hands: Assault Terminator Squad

Just in time for a game with my buddy Funky_Biber yesterday evening, I finished the last two Terminators for my Assault Terminator Squad. Yes, those are the old pewter guys.

I wanted them to look battle worn and like guys you don't want to mess with. :D

Click to enlarge.

Sunday 23 October 2016

Destroyer Tank Hunter #2

Imperial Knights and other Super Heavies become more and more common even in smaller games. My Tallarn Desert Raiders are willing to enter this arms race and therefore I present to you my second Destroyer Tank Hunter:

Hell, a few days ago I even bought a third one and another Leman Russ Vanquisher! My gaming buddy Clyde_Frosch and I are planning a big tank battle around Christmas and I am looking forward to it. The "Battle of Tallarn" seems to be the right inspiration...

Friday 14 October 2016

Iron Hands: Sergeant "Telion"?

This guy here is finished but has no name yet. Any ideas? In any case, I want to play him as the Iron Hands version of the famous Sergeant Telion of the Ultramarines.

And what's going on with Games Workshop the last months, right? So many fantastic releases in such a short time. Deathwatch, Genestealer Cult, Burning of Prospero... I am overwhelmed and really don't know what to buy and where to start. Or shouldn't I start another project right now? So many questions.

Monday 10 October 2016

40k in 40 Minutes - More Pictures & Results

Finally, I want to show you some more uncommented photos of the other games of our little tournament.

Clyde Frosch vs. Captain Valerius

Funky Biber vs. Captain Valerius

Final Score:
 1. Clyde Frosch - 3 Victories
2. Captain_Valerius - 2 Victories, 1 Defeat
3. =Talarion=  - 1 Victory, 2 Defeats
4. Funky Biber - 3 Defeats

Congratulations to Clyde Frosch and his 1st place. This honor was earned well.  I am looking forward to our next little tournament. Then maybe again with complete new armies...?

Sunday 9 October 2016

40k in 40 Minutes - My Battles

In my first game, I played against “Funky Biber” and his Tyranids. In fact, this was the game I had the most jitters in advance. Should the Nids be able to engage me in close combat early, I would have a really hard stand.

In the selected mission, we both have had to conquer three markers in the middle of the battlefield to conquer and hold as long as possible. So we both went into the game quite offensively. I was a little bit faster than the Tyranids and was able to collect some early victory points.

By using the psychic power "Endurance" I made the Librarian and his squad incredibly resistant and the Tyranids lost some teeth chewing on them. :D

Meanwhile, my two squads of scouts held the markers. As soon as a surprise attack of a Lictor went terribly wrong, the victory was mine. 

In the second game, I faced “Clyde Froschs” Skitarii. We played the same mission, as in the last game. This time sadly, regarding the psychic forces was not so lucky, as I only received "Life Leech". Mhmmm.

I tried to simply overrun the Skitarii. But since this was my very first time I met those metal boys, I underestimated them greatly. I saw their strength more in ranged combat and therefore thought they would suck in close combat. But how wrong I was. Those damn flexible protocols!

Until the end of the fourth round the game was decided, as I was beaten up too heavily .

Finally, in the third game I faced the Daemonkin of Captain_Valerius.

Our Mission was to protect our own markers and to destroy the opposite marker at the same time. I assumed that I would get problems with the Hounds and I could neglect the cultists in the Rhinos.

So I barricaded myself and waited for the onslaught. The Hounds went down pretty easily, but I had major problems with the Rhinos. I wasn’t able to crack them and on the same time, Captain_Valerius played them pretty aggressively. I didn’t see that coming.

One Rhino rammed my Land Speeder and destroyed it. The other one managed to break my defense, unloaded its cargo and shit hit the fan. Finally, my marker was destroyed and I had no chance to get to his. Uppps...

Thursday 6 October 2016

40k in 40 Minutes - The Armies


Last weekend we finally held our little "40k in 40 minutes" tournament. Before I go into detail about the matches, I want to show you the armies of my gaming friends. First come the Tyranids of "Funky Biber":

***************  3 Elites ***************  
1 Lictor - - - > 50 points
1 Venomthrope - - - > 45 points
1 Zoanthrope - - - > 50 points
***************  2 Troops ***************  
10 Termagants, 10 x Flesh Borers - - - > 40
3 Tyranid Warriors, 2 x Deathsplitter, 3 x Scything Talons, 1 x Barbed Strangler - - - > 110 points
***************  1 Assault ***************  
3 Raveners, 3 x Rending Claws - - - > 105

Overall: 400 points

The next ones are the Skitarii from "Clyde Frosch":

***************  3 Troops ***************  
 10 Skitarii Rangers - Omnispex + Ranger Alpha - Galvanic Rifle- - - > 130 points
9 Skitarii Vanguard - 2 x Plasma-Caliver + Vanguard Alpha - Radium-Carabine - - - > 151 points
8 Skitarii Vanguard - 2 x Arc Rifle + Vanguard Alpha - Radium-Carabine - - - > 112 points

Overall: 393 points

And last but not least "Captain_Valerius" Khorne Daemonkin:  

***************  2 Troops ***************  
10 Chaos Cultists, 8 x Autogun, 1 x Heavy Stubber + Champion, Autopistol, CCW, Shotgun - - - > 85 points

10 Chaos Cultists, 1 x Flamer + Champion, Autopistol, CCW - - - > 75 points
***************  4 Assault ***************
Rhino + Dozer Blade - - - > 40 points

Rhino + Dozer Blade - - - > 40 points
5 Flesh Hounds of Khorne - - - > 80 points
5 Flesh Hounds of Khorne - - - > 80 points 

Overall: 400 points