Thursday, 15 December 2016

Deathwatch-Killteam as Sternguard?!

Some weeks ago I indulged in a Deathwatch-Killteam box. I love this new kit but honestly, I do not plan to play the Deathwatch as intended. Instead, I am going to use this Deathwatch Squad as Sternguard for my Iron Hands. 

To tribute my gamer friends and their Space Marines, every Marine in my Team will originate from their chapters respectively.

Blood Angels - *Records lost* - Salamanders - Space Wolves - Dark Angels - Crimson Fists

The first Marine is already finished and pays tribute to Clyde_Frosch and his Dark Angels:


  1. Great paint job on the Dark Angel! Love how you have done the robe!

  2. Dark angel looks great. The robe is utterly fantastic. I think using the deathwatch as sternguard is perfect!