Tuesday 14 November 2023

Tabletop Flea Market in Cologne

Last Sunday, I went to my first tabletop flea market ever. It was held in a store called "TopTables" in Cologne. Albeit its limited size, I landed some good deals and had inspiring hobby conversations. There was so much good old stuff everyone wanted to get rid off, which made me somehow sad at the same time. 


That made me think about the good old days. I had so much fun with the 5th edition of 40k and played it by for the most. Therefore, I want to give it another go with my son. I could not bring myself to introduce him to the current rules. Everything still feels so complicated and bloated, even though it has become better since the 9th edition. Right now, I am getting back to studying the old rulebook and codices and will report more later on.



  1. This looks amazing! I'll have bookmarked TopTables for when I'm next in Cologne. I've only ever been to the Brave New World shop there – that was also a great place to find hidden gems, but I think they have remodeled in the meantime.
    While it might be sad for some people to let go of older stuff, I like to think that it's a great opportunity to get these models a new life. Build them, paint them up and of course play with them!
    5th edition was great – while I really started in 4th, I do have a lot of fond memories of playing the 5th edition!

    1. Thanks and yes, Brave New World has mainly Board Games now. The Tabletop stuff they have is nothing special, additionaly they offer is no discount. Located next to TopTables is Hiveworld, which is also worth a visit.

    2. Cheers! I'll have to bookmark Hiveworld as well!