Sunday, 23 October 2022

Imperial Navy: Thunderbolt Heavy Fighter

To finish my Tallarn army, I painted more air support: a Thunderbolt Heavy Fighter.

As with my other flyers, the colour scheme is that of a Messerschmitt Bf-109 fighter plane. I just like the stong conrast. I started to paint this flyer at least two years ago but lost interest because the model was heavily warped. Last weak, I fixed this issue with my hairdryer and a lot of patience.

The weapon loadout does not seem possible anymore. Fortunally, the rockets are magnetized, should anyone be annoyed.


  1. I agree, that's a great colour sheme! The Space Wolves decal gives the plane some additional character – I imagine that the howling wolf part of the pilot's personal sign.

  2. That looks great. The yellow and black work really well together, and with the base.