Sunday, 12 April 2020

40k "Combat Arena": Finished!

It's nice to have a project finished and "Combat Arena" is no exception. Because of the coronavirus, an actual gaming event with my friends has to wait, unfortunately. I hope GW supports this and other board games in the future. Rules for a new combatant in the White Dwarf magazine would be nice.
Games like this are a good way to introduce new players to the 40k-universe, in the same way, it happened with me and the game "Star Crusade" back in the '90s.

Such little projects are nice to try out something different and learn new stuff. I learned how to work with oil washes for example. I was asked if there is a lid for the box. Yet, there is none because I have the gaming board on display in my glass cabinet.

This is an impression of how a three players game might look like.

All five combatants for the game.

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