Sunday, 5 February 2017

Sisters of Battle: Geminae Superia

At the release of the Triumvirate of the Imperium, I was able to get my hands on the single St. Celestine sprues. To be true, I was quite amazed at how small and elegant these miniatures are in real life.

Since I had already finished my own version of St. Celestine, I only built the Geminae Superia and started to paint them. In spite of the simple color scheme, painting them was a real struggle for me. It's good to have some new models for the Sisters of Battle, but somehow these wobbly plastic models are not completely my thing. I also realized, that I unintentionally mixed up the shoulder guards on one miniature, which does not make things better.

But teamed up, the miniatures look fine and I am looking forward to the first game with them:

By the way, I am really pleased with the new "Codex: Imperial Agents". Finally, all the rules I need in one handy codex. Be it Sororitas, Assassins, Inquisitors, Deathwatch, LotD etc. I play it all! :D

That's why I primed some new Arco-flagellants yesterday. Together with my Deathcult Assassins and Crusaders, I will be able to play the new fluffy formation called "Ecclesiarchy Battle Conclave"...


  1. I love the new sisters models in term of proportion and detail. I can't stand the way they are flying off the base with those fiddly bits! Yours are painted beautifully!

  2. Very cool paint job on these! I like the white hair, makes them stand out.

  3. Nun,ich bin ganz ehrlich - jetzt wo GW endlich zeigt wie ihre Sororitas in Plastik aussehen, wir uns also ausmalen können was da im Lauf des Jahres noch auf uns zukommt, denke ich daß du bald eine ganz neue Armee aufbauen wirst...
    Aber deine Arbeiten - geil wie immer ... :)

    1. Danke und mal sehen. So richtig hat mich die Bemal- und Spielwut bei den Schwestern noch nicht gepackt. Aber das ist ohnehin ein Projekt für die nächsten Jahre. Wirklich. :D

  4. "Für die nächsten Jahre"...^^ ...ja, sicher, sicher...;)
    Ich kenne dich doch, wenn die ersten Boxen erst veröffentlicht wurden wirst du nicht widerstehen können...
    Deine Iron Hands, deine Tallarner...dann die Sororitas...ich denke dur wirst eine neue Vitrine brauchen...^^ ;)