Monday, 5 September 2016

Iron Hands: Preparations for the next 40k in 40 minutes

In about a month I am going to attend to a small 40k in 40 minutes tournament. Since I played with my Tallarn Rough Riders the last time, I want to lead my Iron Hands into battle on the next occasion. This is the list I have in mind:
***************  1 HQ ***************
Librarian  - - - > 65 points

***************  3 Troops  ***************
Scout Squad, 5 Scouts  (2x Shotgun, 3x CCW)
+ Landspeeder Storm, Heavy Bolter   - - - > 95 points

Scout Squad, 5 Scouts (4x Bolter, Heavy Bolter) - - - > 63 points
Tactical Squad, 5 Space Marines + 1x Flamethrower - - - > 75 points
***************  1 Support ***************
Devastator Squad, 5 Space Marines (3x Heavy Bolter) - - - > 100 points

Overall : 398 points
This small strike team should do well against my opponents armies (Adeptus Mechanicus, Tyranids, Chaos Daemons). But there is a hitch. Not all of the miniatures are painted and we have the agreement to only use those. That's why I painted some new Marines:

Tactical Marine with Flamethrower

Scout Sergeant and Scout with Heavy Bolter

Now there are three more Scouts, a Land Speeder Storm and the full Devastator Squad to go. The Land Speeder Storm kit contains so many cool bits that made me thinking. So I jumped at the opportunity and built my own version of the famous Sergeant Telion (not for the tournament!). He is still missing an Iron Hands name and paint, but I hope you like him nevertheless. At least his pose is a little bit more dynamic than the original...


  1. Excellent work on the counts as Telion! A very characterful kitbash!

    1. Thank you very much.
      I feel honoured to get this compliment especially from you.