Tuesday 5 March 2024

Order of the Sacred Rose: The Ardentia Secundus Incident

Last weekend, I played the first 40k games with my Sororitas. It was against a friend's Dark Angels and Grey Knights armies. And what can I say? We hadn't had so much fun playing 40k in a long time! We were using the 5th edition rules, so there were no problems with "rules-bloat" and the "mental load" was limited. There were also no Primaris. 😁

We managed to play two very exciting games in just under 5 hours with 1,500-point armies on each side.

In an old convent of the Adepta Sororitas on Ardentia Secundus, a Space Marine in dark armour has been hiding for days. He looks and speaks like one of the Astartes, but something inexplicable surrounds him.

Suddenly, the roar of engines breaks over the convent, and before the sisters can prepare themselves, they are surprised by a sudden attack from the Ravenwing. The Sororitas rush to the defence, their hearts filled with determination and faith. The battle is short but fierce. The Sisters of the Covenant fight with brave hearts and unwavering will, and although they suffer heavy losses, they manage to fend off the Ravenwing attack for the time being.

As the smoke of battle clears and the Sororitas tend to their wounded, they discover that the dark-armoured Astartes has disappeared..


In the days following the devastating attack by the Ravenwing, another threat looms over the battered planet. A new ship manifests from the turmoil of the Warp. The Grey Knights, the legendary warriors of the Ordo Malleus, sent to eradicate any trace of darkness that may have remained on the planet, descent.

A desperate battle breaks out once again outside the Covenant as the brave sisters of the Adepta Sororitas resolutely confront the mighty Grey Knights. Their hearts filled with unyielding faith and determination, they fight doggedly against the overwhelming might of their opponents.

The air fills with the sound of bolter shots and the metallic clash of blades as the sisters of the Covenant stand against the Grey Knights with courage and united will. Their faith in the Emperor gives them the strength to stand against the looming darkness, and their resolve is unwavering.

In a desperate battle that causes the walls to tremble, the sisters succeed in repelling the Grey Knights' attack. Their determination and faith in the God-Emperor prove too powerful. The Grey Knights realise their mistake. Respecting the sisters' unwavering will, the Grey Knights retreat in defeat, their mission unfinished.

It was fun to play with the Sororitas. MVPs were St Celestine and the Death Cult Assassins. The Acts of Faith were okay, but I need to familiarise myself with them more. I'll probably paint more Seraphim next. They were pretty good, just because they were so fast.


  1. This looks amazing! The spectacle of a beautiful board with beatiful armies can hardly be beat! And of course, I do also have very fond memories of 5th edition. Sounds like a great time!

    1. Absolutely and thank you. I can only recommend anyone who doesn't like the current 40k (anymore) to give it a try. I bet your games look the same.