Friday, 22 January 2021

Order of the Sacred Rose - Zephyrim Conversions

I wasn't lazy during the last evenings and went on to convert the miniatures for a Zephyrim Squad for my Sisters of Battle.

Since there will be only "Heavy Metal" Sisters in my army, I was faced with the problem that there are only plastic Zephyrim available. Therefore, I decided to convert some Zephyrimfrom normal, old pewter Seraphim miniatures. Nevertheless, I had to fall back to a few new plastic bits. 

The new Seraphim box contains parts for both types of backpacks (Seraphim / Zephyrim). But you can only build one variant completely. I was lucky and got the leftover parts for the Zephyrim backpacks. With the help of some good old "Oyumaru" aka "Instant Mold", I moulded the missing parts with Milliput.

On three Sisters I had to remove one hand each with a bolt pistol and replaced them with hands holding plastic swords. However, the plastic hands are much more delicate than the ones on the pewter models, so I had to touch them up with some Greenstuff (the rivets on the glove are still missing):

Ready to paint!



  1. Very cool conversion! Making the old metal shine again!

    1. Thanks, as always. I hope, my paintjob does them justice.