Sunday, 23 June 2019

Blitz Bowl: Building a Stadium / Pitch - Part I

Blitz Bowl is such a cool game and that's why I want to build a stadium for it. Here is a rough sketch of how the stadium will look like. I'll try to create a dungeon pit in which the teams battle each other.

My first attempt on the stone walls was not too convincing. Therefore, I tried something different... Cutting styrofoam, grinding/shaking with real stones and there you have perfect little foam rocks for the walls.

Then I went to a DIY store and bought a wooden crate. Except for the height, the crate has just the right size (60 x 40 cm). After some hard work and sweat, I could also correct that (from 24 cm to 8 cm). Then I started to glue the tiles on the ground...

Next up are the stone walls...

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