Monday, 24 September 2018

Death Guard Kill Team - Part VI

Having painted my Plague Marine Champion the Death Guard Kill Team is ready for battle:

Click to enlarge.

1 Plague Marine Champion - Power Fist, Plague Sword - 19 pts. (Leader)
1 Plague Marine Gunner - Blight Launcher - 18 pts. (Heavy)
1 Plague Marine Gunner - Plasma Gun - 18 pts. (Demolitions)
1 Plague Marine Fighter - Flail of Corruption - 19 pts. (Zealot)
1 Standard Plague Marine + 4 Poxwalker

I used a normal Plague Marine from the Dark Imperium box and replaced his right arm with a Power Fist. He looks evil enough and like a leader with his antlers, but overall not too much over the top. Hope you like him.

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