Friday, 17 August 2018

Death Guard Kill Team - Part I

The latest Kill Team release from GW looks pretty sweet. I bought the rulebook and mused about my kill team possibilities. I shortlisted teams from Deathwatch, Death Guard, Genestealer Cults or Adeptus Mechanicus. Eventually, I chose Death Guard. Those dudes are pretty badass, would be fun to paint and I never played with Death Guard before. Luckily I had some miniatures from the Dark Imperium release lying around. Here is the list I came up with:
Champion with Plasmapistol, Plaguesword 16 points
Gunner with Blightlauncher = 18 points
Gunner with Plasmagun = 18 points
Fighter with Flail of Corruption = 19 points
Marine = 14 points
5 Poxwalker = 15 points

Overall = 100 points
My first finished miniature is the Gunner with a Plasma Gun. It took me some time to find the fitting colors and get the right look. But in the end, I am quite pleased with the result:

Next came two of the five Poxwalkers. For them, I used mainly washes and these dudes look really sick and twisted.

In my abstinence I went to Japan for a month among other things. Not so much for sightseeing, but for leisure and relaxation with friends and family.

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