Monday, 30 October 2017

Making of a Desert Gaming Board - Part I

I wanted to build a new desert gaming board for myself. But I will not build it from scratch. Rather I will revert to my old Citadel Realm of Battle Game Board. It was painted as a gray ash desert and I was honestly fed up with it and wanted to do something about it. On top of painting the board, I will also build some suitable terrain.

1. Coloring the gaming board

This was the easiest and fastest step. I bought some brown wall paint in my nearest hardware store (schöner wohnen - karamellbraun) and painted it directly on my old roughly cleaned board. Then, I mixed the brown color in a ratio 50:50 with white wall paint and drybrushed it on the brown board. Finally, Agrax Earthshade was applied into the recesses using a fine brush.

2.  Carving Hills/Rocks

But what is a real gaming table without terrain? So, I used my hot wire cutter on some glued together foamboards to create some rough hill shaped objects.

Later on, I carved more details into the foam blocks with a utility knife. This video tutorial here helped me a lot to get things right:

Adding some final touches with some fine gravel and cork board:

Painting my first hill in the same manner as the board:

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