Sunday, 14 August 2016

404 - Battle Report not found :D

Yesterday we played a great battle with a total of 11,000 points. An alliance of my Iron Hands and a Dark Angels Siege Vanguard faced a company sized Salamander army!

Although we documented the battle well, I refrain from writing a detailed battle report. Rather I would like to show you some (post-processed) images of the battle and from a small photo shooting thereafter.

Why? Well, it was a really nice game, but my opinion it lacked the really memorable scenes / key moments. In short, the Salamanders could not build momentum and play their numerical superiority off against us. Their stronger units kept stuck in some of our "tarpits" early in the game or did arrive too late from reserve to turn the tide. Meanwhile we seized the opportunity to disaggregate everything else gradually...

Here are the mentioned images without further commentary (click to view larger images):




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