Friday, 14 October 2016

Iron Hands: Sergeant "Telion"?

This guy here is finished but has no name yet. Any ideas? In any case, I want to play him as the Iron Hands version of the famous Sergeant Telion of the Ultramarines.

And what's going on with Games Workshop the last months, right? So many fantastic releases in such a short time. Deathwatch, Genestealer Cult, Burning of Prospero... I am overwhelmed and really don't know what to buy and where to start. Or shouldn't I start another project right now? So many questions.


  1. Deathwatch was what kicked me back into playing 40k, after a couple of years gap, and selling off my armies.

    If they continue this way I can see the other games I play getting sold off, to let my inner fanboy have space to buy!

    On the topic of the post though, Love the model and his look. Great Job!

  2. Also icke würd den [Q]Rosh nennen... in Anlehnung an "crush".