Tuesday, 17 January 2017

St. Celestine & New Year, "New" Army

I feared the worst as St. Celestine was absent in the new codex "Imperial Agents". Thankfully she returned in time for the "Fall of Cadia" with even cooler rules than before. Furthermore, the new plastic model for St. Celestine and the two Gemini are really stunning models. 

These facts brought me back to my Sisters of Battle project which I started last spring. Somehow I lost interest and haven't pursued it for quite some time. But this is the past and now is the perfect time to start once again! 

From the starting phase of my project, I had one unpainted and slightly converted St. Celestine standing on my shelf. Not to paint it would be a shame, even though I've already ordered the new model.

Well, here is my interpretation of St. Celestine and the two Gemini will definitely follow. With the alternative wings and the sword wreathed in flames, I am going for the design from this artwork (Link)

Monday, 2 January 2017

Big bang at the end of the year

What started as a glorious rescue mission of an imperial world, ended in a disaster.     

The name of the world which was to be liberated, the people who lived there and the many stories that could be told, no longer matter. This world is gone. Lost for the Imperium of Mankind.

Conquered by the Necrons and eventually annihilated by a holy exterminatus, this world drifts through space as an utterly dead planet.           

This is all I can tell about our big battle at the end of the year 2016 (all in all 12.000 points!). Three Marine Chapters versus one huge Necron army. For us, the "good guys", everything went downhill right from the start and even before that (e.g. determination of psychic powers). Nothing worked and the game turned into a mere showcase for the Necrons. So we finally gave up in our third round.    

I had fun, nevertheless. It was a great day and a good game with cool guys. 

Facing the Necrons nowadays with all their formations (Decurion Detachment and so on) is really hard and in my opinion nothing for casual games. The Necrons can be made so resilient, that no known army can keep up with their damage output at the same degree. This is just frustrating.


Sunday, 25 December 2016

Iron Hands: Death from above

This Deathstorm Drop Pod is my latest eBay bargain. Until it was delivered I was very happy. As soon as I unpacked that thing I was pretty disappointed, because the foot of the Whirlwind Missile Launchers was heavily warped. But I accepted the challenge and moulded myself a new one, using Milliput and Oyumaru. 

Nevertheless, here is the finished Drop Pod and  I hope this thing keeps its promises. :D

How could this even pass the internal quality inspection at Forgeworld?

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Deathwatch-Killteam as Sternguard?!

Some weeks ago I indulged in a Deathwatch-Killteam box. I love this new kit but honestly, I do not plan to play the Deathwatch as intended. Instead, I am going to use this Deathwatch Squad as Sternguard for my Iron Hands. 

To tribute my gamer friends and their Space Marines, every Marine in my Team will originate from their chapters respectively.

Blood Angels - *Records lost* - Salamanders - Space Wolves - Dark Angels - Crimson Fists

The first Marine is already finished and pays tribute to Clyde_Frosch and his Dark Angels:

Monday, 12 December 2016

Tallarn Tank Battle

Everybody loves tank battles! So we created our own scenario and gave it a try.

The Rules

Both players may only take (real) tanks, walkers and Imperial Knights in an unbound list (2000+ points per side). Every vehicle counts as scoring.

Split the table into halves and place three markers along the center line of the battlefield, each 24" apart.

Roll-off to decide who gets to pick his side and deploys his army first. Then roll again to see wo gets the first turn. The winner my choose to go first or second.

You can place your tanks anywhere on your side of the table, as long as they are more than 12" away from the center line.

The game lasts 6 turns.

At the end of the game each captured marker is worth three victory points.

If a vehicle is completely destroyed then it is fully repaired and placed into reserve. To reenact the progress of battle and cut off supply lines, roll a dice for each of your vehicles in reserve and see if it enters the battle again:

Turn 2 = automatically, Turn 3 = 2+, Turn 4 = 3+, Turn 5 = 4+, Turn 6 = 5+ 

No infantry, cavalry and such is allowed in the scenario! 


All in all it was cool to use so many tanks in one battle and we were able to get through all six turn in just about three hours. However, I do not necessarily have to play this scenario again. Why? Well, I missed the really exciting moments and "real" heroes.Except for the Knight, my army really disappointed me. The Vanquishers for example, where not able to hit once with their main guns the whole game! Later on I have had trouble with my reserves and so the Dark Angels won home with 23 to 16 victory points.Their Leviathan Dreadnought was unquestionably the MVP of this match, because he effortlessly crushed my Baneblade and the Knight  in close combat...