Sunday, 9 October 2016

40k in 40 Minutes - My Battles

In my first game, I played against “Funky Biber” and his Tyranids. In fact, this was the game I had the most jitters in advance. Should the Nids be able to engage me in close combat early, I would have a really hard stand.

In the selected mission, we both have had to conquer three markers in the middle of the battlefield to conquer and hold as long as possible. So we both went into the game quite offensively. I was a little bit faster than the Tyranids and was able to collect some early victory points.

By using the psychic power "Endurance" I made the Librarian and his squad incredibly resistant and the Tyranids lost some teeth chewing on them. :D

Meanwhile, my two squads of scouts held the markers. As soon as a surprise attack of a Lictor went terribly wrong, the victory was mine. 

In the second game, I faced “Clyde Froschs” Skitarii. We played the same mission, as in the last game. This time sadly, regarding the psychic forces was not so lucky, as I only received "Life Leech". Mhmmm.

I tried to simply overrun the Skitarii. But since this was my very first time I met those metal boys, I underestimated them greatly. I saw their strength more in ranged combat and therefore thought they would suck in close combat. But how wrong I was. Those damn flexible protocols!

Until the end of the fourth round the game was decided, as I was beaten up too heavily .

Finally, in the third game I faced the Daemonkin of Captain_Valerius.

Our Mission was to protect our own markers and to destroy the opposite marker at the same time. I assumed that I would get problems with the Hounds and I could neglect the cultists in the Rhinos.

So I barricaded myself and waited for the onslaught. The Hounds went down pretty easily, but I had major problems with the Rhinos. I wasn’t able to crack them and on the same time, Captain_Valerius played them pretty aggressively. I didn’t see that coming.

One Rhino rammed my Land Speeder and destroyed it. The other one managed to break my defense, unloaded its cargo and shit hit the fan. Finally, my marker was destroyed and I had no chance to get to his. Uppps...

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  1. Nice summaries of the games. All those minis look amazing, as do the tables. I love the old-school jungle flora as well. Is that an old Destroyer mod on the one Khorne Rhino? Reminds me of a pic from the 3.5 CSM codex.