Thursday, 2 May 2019

Blitz Bowl: Ostermark Juggernauts - Linemen

Sometimes it is good to give new things a try. So, after a friend introduced me to Blitz Bowl last year, I bought a boxed set and started painting. Here is the first half of my human team the "Ostermark Juggernauts". The game is a simpler, faster version of good old Blood Bowl and I have bigger plans for it going... 


  1. Blitz Bowl huh? I remember seeing it coming out... The models look great, especially the themed bases. Is the game worth getting in your opinion?

    1. Definitely! It is quite cheap, fast paced and easy to learn. It is also perfect as a little side project for yourself and your friends.

    2. Excellent, thanks. All the qualities I look for in an afternoon game.