Tuesday, 6 March 2018

The Emperor of Mankind (Roboute Guilliman Conversion)

May I introduce you to the Emperor of Mankind!

I was finally able to finish this guy. Based on my first version from December, I added a few things and changed some others. This was my first major attempt to model something on a miniature (for example the hair, the coat or chain links) and honestly, I'm a little proud of it.

"The Emperor" will be my Commander in Chief for my Custodes and other stuff, using the ruleset of Roboute Guilliman.

Just for comparision my conversion and the original miniature from GW:


  1. Love this, you've done a great job. Excellent conversion and vey effective paint job :)

  2. Tolle Conversion, ich mag das dunklere, antik wirkende Gold der Rüstung sehr!

  3. What bits did you use for the Talons and cape?

    1. Talons = filed Terminator Lightning Claw Blades
      Cape = Green Stuff

  4. Amazing stuff, just great =]

  5. Im so jealous of this! Wish i had this kind of talent. Want something EXACTLY like this to finish my Custdoes army