Saturday, 6 January 2018

40k Rhineland - Winter Tournament

Last Saturday three friends and I met in a gaming store called "Top Tables" in Cologne and we held a small 40k tournament. Therefore, we used our own set of house rules based on the old "40k in 40 minutes" to build our armies. Here is our ruleset:
  • Maximum army size is 750 points.
  • Only the "Patrol Detachment" can be used and the army has to be "battle-forged".
  • No model can have a wound characteristic higher than 12.
  • No model can have a toughness characteristic higher than 7.
  • Named characters, flyers, and relics are not allowed.
  • Fortifications and creating/summoning further units during the battles is not allowed.
  • Models and units cannot be held in reserves.
  • Warlord-Traits cannot be used.
  • The battlefield-size is 48"x48" and only the "Dawn of War" and "Hammer and Anvil" deployments can be used.
  • The battles end after turn 5.
  • All miniatures must be painted.

Funky_Biber - Tyranid Patrol

Clyde_Frosch - Plague Marines Patrol

Captain_Valerius - Khorne Berserker Patrol

My Tallarn Patrol
Overall, I was very satisfied with my Tallarn Desert Raiders. The mortar squads worked really well and shot down the multiple of their own point cost in each game. The Sentinels and the Hellhounds were okay, but I really could not handle them yet. For this, I probably need a little more game practice. ;)

Overall, it was a very entertaining tournament and we got through really fast (in about 5 hours). Many thanks to my teammates and I am sure that we will repeat that again soon! :D

The final ranking:

1. Captain_Valerius (Khorne) / =Talarion= (Tallarn)
2. Funky Biber (Tyranid)
3. Clyde_Frosch (Plague Marines)

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