Tuesday, 17 January 2017

St. Celestine & New Year, "New" Army

I feared the worst as St. Celestine was absent in the new codex "Imperial Agents". Thankfully she returned in time for the "Fall of Cadia" with even cooler rules than before. Furthermore, the new plastic model for St. Celestine and the two Gemini are really stunning models. 

These facts brought me back to my Sisters of Battle project which I started last spring. Somehow I lost interest and haven't pursued it for quite some time. But this is the past and now is the perfect time to start once again! 

From the starting phase of my project, I had one unpainted and slightly converted St. Celestine standing on my shelf. Not to paint it would be a shame, even though I've already ordered the new model.

Well, here is my interpretation of St. Celestine and the two Gemini will definitely follow. With the alternative wings and the sword wreathed in flames, I am going for the design from this artwork (Link)

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